It has been an honour for having Ms. Barbara Wellington at Politeknik Al Islam Bandung (PAIB), and be in ARS 16 class for the English for Specific Purpose 2 lesson. Ms. Barb is a Canadian who has an extensive experience to work in various NGOs and also work as volunteer. Working with the young people from developing countries is also one of her expertise. Ms. Barb was invited by Ms. Wiwin Winarti, a senior English lecturer at PAIB.

During her visit, ARS 16 class were in the middle of making scenario for role playing performance. The class was divided into four groups and chose variations of themes. Ms. Wiwin gave a nice surprise for inviting Ms. Barb and the presence of Ms. Barb surely made the class atmosphere livelier. Most of students have never met with a native speaker before. They all get very excited, happy, motivated, and nervous and shock at the same time.

The class consist of 20 students and during the 90 minutes class Mr. Barb had a chance to speak with students one to one.  Each students had the experience to speak and listen English language from the native speaker. At the end of the class, Ms. Wiwin asked students impressions of having taught by a native speaker. Most of them said they were excited. They were nervous but highly motivated to communicate with Ms. Barb. Usually they heard and saw foreigner only from TV or movies. However, listening English from the native speaker directly is a nice experience and they hope to get more opportunities to meet with more English Native Speaker.


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